The Stag

You’re standing under a clear blue sky and the Sun above your head is a lot brighter and larger than it should be. The colour of this large, bright Sun is mustard yellow and it doesn’t dazzle your eyes as you boldly stare into it.

You can’t feel any wind, yet the long blades of grass that are curling around your legs and in between your toes, seem to move. Moving like the waves of the ocean. You’re standing in a sea of grass that cuts across the horizon for as far as the eye can see. Waves and waves of endless grass. Sea. Earth.

You begin to feel this pressure build around your body. A breeze? No, this is different. Suddenly, breaking the waves, these waves of sea, these waves of grass, were four magnificent stags. The great bucks were pulling a large ship through the waves. Attached to the ship like horses to a carriage, their muscles barely strained as they hauled this grand vessel through the sea.

Sails full, these stags tore over the waves in bounds. Half swimming, half leaping, the deer pulled this majestic ship through the sea towards a destination unknown.

Your heart seems to swell and your head, swim. You’ve met the Stag.