Drawing Your Magick: Part One

This entry was triggered by a sigil that I drew and then posted on Instagram. Sigils are perfect for manifestation, which is exactly what I need at the moment. I’m currently looking for an apartment and I thought that drawing a sigil would be the perfect representation of my intentions.

A sigil is a condensed pictorial version of your intent. The intent to be prosperous, to be safe and protected, to fall into the purest and sweetest love. We are surrounded by sigils all the time. These images may be intricate or they may be simple. Let’s look at Valentine’s Day for example. For weeks, we are surrounded by images of love. Cute cupids, sweet hearts and fresh flowers. One can think that it’s all of the advertising that makes the heart yearn for companionship but I think that there must be some kind of magick woven into all of it. The advertisers are filled with such a strong intent to get their lovey dovey intent across, that they’ve cast a spell without even knowing it!!


Another great example of a sigil is a graphic novel titled The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison. This comic comprises of one crazy occult/metaphysical adventure. It is definitely worth a read, though I will say, crazy things happen to the reader while it is in their possession.

One the many awesome covers

Sounds strange doesn’t it? The entire comic is made up of sigils, which in turn, create a hypersigil. Grant Morrison put his intention to work creating this sigil for 6 long years. Who knows but he has in mind but I hope it is manifesting for him!

                 Grant Morrison

Sigils have been in use since medieval times. Ceremonial magicians used them to conjure and summon up various daemons and angels. The Book of Solomon contains many of these ancient symbols of intent. Some of these sigils were created with the help of planetary squares and were created into talismans.

I will continue with Part 2 with the coming of the Full Moon